Very Scary Scenario

totally legit, honest

I'm Gunner Make You Eat Some Words

Sometimes you just need to shoot and type at the same time.

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FIXED: release notes were missing

(It's a Jackbox-esque game about writing patch notes for various abstract and concrete things)

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Hammer it Home

Someone gave us the responsibility of buying people houses at auction. What a terrible idea.

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A duck documenting an adventure on Twitter. You can help!

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Relocaliser 3000™

A Twitter bot that posts recursively translated game names. You have to work out what the original was.

actually brilliant


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Extraction Chamber

Extraction Chamber is: FPS; hobby-grade coop campaign; genre-blended, multi-mode competitive e-sports; meta-growth, choice + epic Extraction Chamber Heroes!

(It's a clicker)

Well, my doubler got up to 33,554,432 but the game is not responding anymore.


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Now That's What I Call Business!

You're woken up in your office cubicle by a meeting notification on your phone. You've got 5 minutes to figure out who you are and blag your way through the meeting without raising suspicion.

The download contains executables for all supported platforms. The Linux version requires xclip.

guaranteed legit!

Dave Lang, Iron Galaxy

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A Conversation With Ymir

This is a chat room where you talk to a person who asks you to do things and judges you.

Stay to the end, well worth it ;)

Steven McStravog

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